Promoted by the Argumentation in Artificial Intelligence Working Group

Argumentation is the study of the processes and activities involving the production and exchange of arguments, where arguments are attempts to persuade someone or something by giving reasons for accepting a particular conclusion as evident. As such, argumentation provides procedures for making and explaining decisions and is able to capture diverse kinds of reasoning and dialogue activities in a formal but still intuitive way, enabling the integration of different specific techniques and the development of trustable applications.

For these reasons, over the last two decades formal argumentation has become a main research topic in Artificial Intelligence. Given that the study of argumentation is inherently interdisciplinary, the goal of the workshop is to stimulate discussions and promote scientific collaboration among researchers involved in the field of argumentation from different perspectives, including computational, linguistic, philosophical and psychological aspects. Besides researchers having argumentation as a major research interest, scholars from research fields indirectly related to argumentation (including non-monotonic reasoning, logic programming, linguistics, natural language processing, philosophy and psychology, just to mention a few of them) are particularly welcome, both to discuss foundations and issues in argumentation, and to present challenges and problems for which argumentation may represent a viable AI paradigm.